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Music for Mixed Ensembles

Work No.  Year  Title and Instrumentation     
140 2018 Assemblage
guitar and string quartet
138 2018 Breathing Intervals
trombone and rock drum set
135 2018 Canon on a Theme from Moonlight
violin and piano, theme by Peter Garland
129 2018 Meridians
rock drum set and improvising speaker or singer
127 2018 Planchette
natural horn and percussion
126 2018 Mint
natural horn and piano
124 2018 Canon for Harp (or Guitar) and Drum(s)
harp or guitar, and percussion
117 2017 Yellow Light
electric guitar and rock drum set
116 2017 Red Light
amplified harpsichord and rock drum set
115 2017 [untitled]
amplified harpsichord and rock drum set
107 2017 Daybreak
flute and piano
100 2017 The Field of Bullets
electric organ and drums
94 2016 Occasional Quintet No. 2
piccolo, flute, clarinet, bassoon, crotales, and piano
93 2016 Symmetrical Sigils
vibraphone, viola, piano
85 2016 Occasional Quintet No. 1
piano, violin, viola, cello, and double bass
80 2016 Acacia Variations
toy piano with optional violin or synthesizer
72 2015 Four Cherries (Downdrift)
xylophone with optional wind instrument
46 2013 Phoenix
wind instrument and marimba
26 2011 Many Worlds Game – Spoon
toy piano, toy percussion, optional tape
4 2008 Canon for Melodic Instrument and Drums
melodic instrument and two drums

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