Exopheromones IV–VI (2016)

The first three Exopheromone pieces all included a whole layer of music which was inaudible. It was rendered by notes outside the instrument's range, and those notes had an influence on the way the audible notes were played. These three pieces, for vibraphone or piano, also have inaudible music which influences the audible parts, but this time there are no impossible notes – just rests of various durations. Real notes are surrounded by these ghosts, sometimes forming sequences of similar durations, or gradually diminishing ones, or another kind of grouping. The performer chooses the manner of playing for each note by noticing if it is part of one kind of silent sequence or another kind.

Just as before, the pieces gradually expand the idea. In Exopheromone V the music is the same as in the preceding piece, yet many of the pauses between notes are allowed to be very long, even infinite. And some durations must remain as they were. In Exopheromone VI the score is the same again, but those notes that were previously audible now explode into silences. The entire piece is silent, and exists only for private performance.

Exopheromone IV: PDF score
Exopheromone V: PDF score
Exopheromone VI: PDF score