Exopheromones I–III (2015)

These three pieces have identical scores, but different instructions in each case. They employ numerous extremely high notes, not possible to perform on a conventional piano; the instructions gradually make the performer internalize such notes. It is a difficult concept for me to explain, but it is tied to the idea of an exopheromone: Terence McKenna's theroetical chemical signals between members of different classes of living things. I do not currently endorse McKenna's work; he idea simply felt more or less similar to the concept behind these particular works.

Although this is not specified in the scores, I believe that these pieces, like those of Suomi Jukebox, benefit tremendously from multiple repeats.

Exopheromone I: PDF score | MP3 audio
Exopheromone II: PDF score
Exopheromone III: PDF score

This series of pieces was continued a year later in Exopheromones IV–VI.