Five Canons for Two Drums (2008)

This is a group of infinite canons that were composed during the summer of 2008. Being purely rhythmical compositions, they're scored for any type of drums. Some, if not all, may be performed by a single player using hand drums. Performers may compose or improvise "proper" endings for these canons, allowing for some flexibility in form. This freedom is further enhanced by allowing tempo modifications and free order of performance.

The first two pieces are straightforward essays in canonic writing, but canons III and IV use sparse and identical lines, respectively, to obscure the imitations. In Canon III this creates rich timbral possibilities. The fifth and final piece comprises not one but two canons: both throw a veil over the canonic process, once with extremely fast rhythms, and once, as in Canon III, with very sparsely populated lines.

PDF score

  – Canon I
  – Canon II
  – Canon III 'Silence'
  – Canon IV
  – Canon V 'Matter'

In 2013 I composed endings for these infinite canons. Each is provided in two forms, long and short, and is subject to the freedoms outlined in the original score. There are two versions of the score:

  – Five Endings, alone
  – Five Endings, appended to the original canons