Bronze Mirror / Obsidian Mirror / Auxiliary Canon (2011–2014)

I find canons a truly fascinating form. Extremely difficult to use properly, but also extremely interesting to work with. The idea behind this series of pieces was to explore the concept of reflection in canons. Bronze Mirror starts with a simple canon, but once it reaches a mirror point, there is a role reversal between the voices. You can't see too far into the reflection, though, as this section is shorter. Arpeggi are reflected throughout the piece to reinforce the idea.

PDF score | MP3 audio

Obsidian Mirror is a canon at the unison. It takes the mirror idea a bit further, since the entire second half of the piece is a reflection of the first half. As in Bronze Mirror, the voices exchange their roles and arpeggi are reflected as well.

PDF score | MP3 audio

The Auxiliary Canon is supplementary material — a model to create all kinds of canons. The first sample realization provided below features three sections: mensuration canons, with liberal use of inverted and retrograde statements of the theme. The second realization, for one or more guitars, features a freer approach to form. Other canons may be constructed using the material here.

PDF score (example realization no. 1) | MP3 audio
PDF score (example realization no. 2) | MP3 audio
PDF score (theme only)