Reload Option (2015)

A theme from Remittance was used to develop Reload Option, a piece for triangle(s) and vibraphone. The through-composed triangle part is used to obtain a working vibraphone part out of a long sequence of quarter notes, by changing their duration according to specific rhythmic commands. If Remittance combines several interests of mine, Reload Option combines several techniques I used in earlier pieces – the game approach of Beaters, the command technique of The Anthropic Principle, the sound shades of Breakout. It was surprisingly fun to work with the finished score and see various syncopations, strange rhythms and mysteries ememrge from the various combinations of the instruments' parts.

PDF (score) | PDF (example realization)

Alternative vibraphone parts are also available, each with its own particular characteristics and challenges to overcome in the process of creating the score and playing it:

PDF score of Chain Insert (2016)
PDF score of Logic Insert (2016)