Suomi Jukebox (2010)

This is a set of seven pieces, each named after a city or a locality in Finland. Although I have spent about a day in Finland when I was 17, I have never been to any of these places; I have only visited them using Google Street View, and knew about some of them from IRC conversations. I've been fascinated with the country ever since I discovered Finnish tracker music (works by Jonne 'Purple Motion' Valtonen, Aleksi 'Heatbeat' Eeben, Markku 'Ukulele' Leinonen, various members of CNCD and Banal Projects, and many others), which was a major early influence on my work.

I think of these pieces as a small book of spells. Every piece is simple on the surface — just 21 sounds, regularly spaced — but the way these things are written, with many held notes, means using two hands and convoluted finger positions. Like complex incantations, to call to the spirits of these places.

PDF score

  – Joensuu
  – Kainuu
  – Tähtitornin vuori (Observatory Hill)
  – Levia Petajasaari
  – Kaarina
  – Åbo
  – Vihti

The word Suomi is Finnish for Finland. It is pronounced the same way it is written, and with the first syllable stressed.