Waves (2008)

Waves is almost unplayable the way it is written, and had to be re-composed at some point, but I never got around to doing that. I simply like the piece too much: building on the simple idea of infinitely expanding a single line of music, somewhat similar to Stockhausen's formula composition technique, has a tremendous appeal for me. In this case, the melodies were just so fitting, and the composition process so focused, that I did not dare to tamper with the results (although I did try to make a playable version for string quartet). Instead, I made a simplified version of the score to go with the original, and provided helpful ossia staves with beat indications for the most complex passages.

The first eight bars introduce a simple arc contour, first in eighth notes only, then in varied durations. These changes in note values serve as a plan for the rest of the piece: when new themes are introduced, their rhythms depend entirely on the way those initial eighth notes are transformed in a given variation, and/or on the duration plans already introduced previously.

PDF score | MP3 audio