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Artist Statement


    My name is Jashiin. I was born in 1984. I'm a composer.

    On this website I use the term "notated music" for pieces that have been composed and written down using Western notation. They are meant to be performed using sheet music, provided in PDF format. My scores normally don't include too much detail on dynamics or articulation. I love it when a piece allows for multiple interpretations, and functions somewhat like a dialogue with the performer. Ideally, for the listener the music becomes like a secret being told to someone else – in their presence.

    My electronic music exists, like most electronic music, only in form of recordings. To me this means that instead of the luxury of interpretability electronic music has the luxury of perfect control over sound. Thus whenever possible I try to use methods of synthesis which allow for a lot of detail, and performance-oriented synthesizers with as much and as subtle real-time control as possible. Roughly half of the electronic pieces presented here are improvisations.

    Nature is my greatest source of inspiration. I love the combination of chaos and order evident in all matter, the invisible web of relationships between living creatures and inorganic objects alike, the multiplicity of time scales used by different organisms and systems, the functionality, the diversity beyond comprehension, and how even the tiniest creations of nature still carry the same imprint, signs of the same systems of organization, as the largest ones.

    I try my best to adapt my practices accordingly. Most of my work begins as a single idea which I attempt to develop in the most organic way possible, so that the music can choose its own path, even if I can't escape my personal taste, or history. Form follows function, and since most works are multi-functional, they will have multiple layers of both form and meaning. The original intent of a piece, and the techniques it required, almost always assume a disguise already at the earliest stages of work. And everything is recycled, so numerous pieces engender satellite works, and transcriptions are never literal, always extended versions of originals.

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