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Electronic Music

Work No.  Year  Title     
31 2022 Kawanakajima
for vibraphone and electronic music (4 layers)
30 2022 Jashiin plays Samuel Clay Birmaher – Converted Melodies
extended electronic transcriptions of solo recorder music by Samuel Clay Birmaher
29 2022 Inside, Pt. 2
improvised electronic music, combination of subtractive and FM synthesis
28 2021 Three Variations on a Rainbow Bridge
template for improvisation, for synthesizer (1 performer)
16–27 2021 Engulfed
improvised electronic music, 12 tracks
  2020 A Walk Through Dark Places: A Photographic Record
component tracks from AWTDP EP compiled for its 5-year anniversary
15 2019 Shadow Canon
a kind of an FX canon with real-time improvised manipulation of FX parameters
14 2015 Piece for Electronic Instrument(s)
graphic/collage score for any electronic instrument(s)
13 2015 Gum Catalog
outtake from AWTDP EP, counterpart to Sharpless Catalog (with spikes)
8–11 2015 A Walk Through Dark Places EP
noise music, 5 tracks
7 2014 Recording2 22 ADRAR XXX+rev
improvisation, physical modelling synthesis
1–6 2007 Surrender OST
soundtrack for an unfinished film, 6 tracks

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