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Honfleur Colors Series
for solo piano

Works nos.  96, 166–7, 203


    My 2017 piano piece Honfleur bleu was a miniaturized musical biography of Erik Satie – one of my favorite composers. The beginning was inspired by his Gnossiennes, the middle and the end by the popular styles he adopted and experimented with in his later music. Honfleur rouge and Honfleur vert, composed three years later, are musical biographies of imaginary composers. The way I picture them is, they both would've been born in Honfleur, like Satie. One of them was definitely preoccupied with social matters and affairs of state. Disillusioned, and having suffered through a crisis, they only found peace at the end of their life. The other composer may have started as a crowd-pleaser, but too became disenchanted. They found a truer source of inspiration in nature, quite possibly in their childhood memories of the sea. They may have moved to the Atlantic coast later in life and changed their style quite radically.

    Honfleur rose was composed in 2021. Although the concept and the logic of that work are the same – the life of a fictional composer – it wasn't an independently created work, but rather an offshoot of The Seashell's Center, which itself was a satellite piece of Many Pink Butterflies (hence the title). Honfleur gris was a Christmas present for someone who wanted to hear this color. Honfleur multicolore was a realization of the algorithm sketched out in Two Studies for an Algorithm in 2021.

    (I think of these pieces as miniature versions of my fictional composers projects such as Amelia Whiteheart's piano pieces and Maurice Bellet's Supplementary Exercises.)

    Honfleur Colors – PDF score

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