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Shared Magic
for two guitars

Work no. 82


    This small cycle of pieces draws inspiration from a number of sources, but the primary one was a Russian translation of Martin Buber's Tales of the Hasidim. Although it may not seem this way, the music is strictly dodecaphonic. The tone row used in the first piece is modified slightly for the second one, and modified in a different way for the third one. Odd- and even-numbered pieces then follow two different paths of changes, which end up in the same place, the tone row of the final pieces; there is also an extraneous tone row used in the middle of the work.

    I think Shared Magic includes some of my best, most focused work. But the actual music is rather difficult and uncomfortable to play – even more so than most of my guitar works – and no performers have yet attempted the work. The MIDI performance available above is presented for reference only.

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