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Types of Equality
for tom-toms and hand drum

Work no. 170


    There are 14 tiny sections in this piece, each about 10–15 seconds long, densely packed with complicated rhythms. Odd-numbered sections are always balanced in some way. A rhythmic pattern may be repeated or mirrored. Instruments can mimic one another, or compensate for the each other's shortcomings. Each odd-numbered section has its own method of achieving a balance. Even-numbered sections may sound the same, but they are free, unbalanced, many were practically improvised. But they sound very similar to the balanced odd-numbered sections. These are two of several types of equality referred to in the title – the internal type in the balanced sections, and the structural type in the unbalanced ones.

    Types of Equality – PDF score   Study IV for MIDI-controlled piano – PDF score

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